About Q1

Q1 is a tool for developing GUI and HTML automated tests. It was specifically designed to provide greater control than other similar tools, while maintaining low-cost to make it affordable to small companies and individual developers.

Formal testing (and especially automated testing) has historically been a luxury that only large companies could afford. The huge price of the tools, the cost of staff training and the maintenance complexity has kept it off-limits for developers with limited budgets. Even the not-so-small enterprises are thinking twice before making such a serious investment, although everyone recognizes its importance and sees automation as the way forward in software testing.

Q1's goal is to make automated testing accessible to every application developer, and to give back Quality its rightful place as the first priority of every software program (hence its name: Q1 = quality first). Here are some of its features:

System Requirements

Software: Script Debugger Components (see Getting Started), Internet Explorer 4 or higher
Operating Systems: Windows NT4 (SP4)/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium 400+ Mhz or compatible
Memory: 64 MB RAM or more
Disk: 4 MB free space
Display: VGA hi-color or true color


Q1 version 1.1, copyright (C) Cristian Costache, Lightweight Technologies, http://www.lw-tech.com

Regular expression support copyright (C) Dr. John Maddock

Installation package created with Inno Setup 2.0, Copyright (C) Jordan Russell

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