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Jan 21, 2018 at 05:55 PM
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Module filter

The module filter functionality allows you to exclude functions in certain modules from all reports. Note that this will only hide the functions that belong to excluded modules, without actually recalculating percentages. This is a change from the way previous versions of LTProf worked.

In Structured View a checkbox is displayed along with each module. When you click the 'Filter By Selection' button all unchecked modules will be excluded from the analysis. LTProf will show/hide functions in all report windows.

Note that you don't need to profile again in order to include/exclude DLLs. Module filtering can be done long after your application has finished executing.

The flag 'Auto exclude system DLLs' which can be set in the Options window automatically filters out all modules located in the Windows System folder. This flag is set by default.

When a module is excluded its functions will be removed from all windows and for the Call Hierarchy the percentages will be updated accordingly. In the Call Hierarchy all functions called by an excluded function will appear as if they were called by the parent of the excluded function.

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