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Jan 21, 2018 at 05:57 PM
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Debug information

The quantity of information present in the report windows (for example names of the functions and source files) depends on the level of debug information available. To see the code in Source File View with its associated line usage you will also need the source files.

With a regular debug build on your development machine you will normally have both the maximum level of debug information and the source files. This is the most common situation and LTProf will display the maximum detail.

If such a debug build is not available here's a description of how various debug info levels affect the information displayed:

  • No debug info
    System DLLs and third party components will typically fall into this category. LTProf will try to guess which functions are executing and the size of their code based on the names present in the exports list. Because this guess does not work all the time such function names will be displayed with a question mark at the end.
  • Function debug info
    LTProf displays the list of functions, the list of source files, the call hierarchy (displaying only known function names) and source files (if they are available) but with no line usage info.
  • Line debug info
    In addition to the previous level LTProf displays usage information for lines in Source File View.
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