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Jan 21, 2018 at 05:57 PM
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LTProf will report application's performance at function level, module level, source file and source code level. The performance is not measured as the absolute time spent, but rather as percentage of the total time.

LTProf records two performance measurements for each entity:

  • Self Usage
    This is the amount of time spent within the entity (function, source file or DLL), not counting any calls made to other entities. It is useful when you need to see whether a function spends time executing itself or just calling other functions.

  • Self Plus Children Usage
    This is the total amount of time spent by the entity, either executing or calling other entities. It is the default usage displayed throughout LTProf, as it is the most useful.

Report windows will display usage figures relative to different parents, depending on entity's type:

Functions List
The list contains all functions executed during profiling. It displays both usage figures relative to the total time spent by the process.

Source File List
Contains all source files associated with the code executed during profiling. Both usage figures displayed are relative to the total time spent by the process.

Structured View
Groups all entities by modules, source files and functions. The usage displayed can be toggled between 'self' and 'self + children' with the associated toolbar button. In the structure a module's usage is relative to the total time. A source file's usage is relative to its parent module. A function's usage is again relative to its parent module, not to the source file.

Call Hierarchy
Contains all functions executed during profiling, structured as callers and callees. Each function's usage is relative to the total time spent by the process. The type of usage displayed can be toggled with the 'Self/self + children' toolbar button.

Source File View
Displays the usage of lines of code within a source file. The usage of each line is relative to the associated function it belongs to. The type of usage displayed can be toggled with the 'Self/self + children' toolbar button.

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