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Jan 21, 2018 at 05:56 PM
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Sampling resolution

Sampling resolution determines how often the profiled process is checked for its state and is expressed by the minimum delay in milliseconds between checks. A lower value will provide a better resolution at the expense of some memory and CPU consumption. A higher value is appropriate when you need to leave the profiler running for a long time in order to wait for your application to realize a certain code coverage.

It is recommended to keep the delay as small as possible as this will provide you with the best visibility on the code execution.

The resolution can be changed from the Options window. The default value is good for most of the application types, however if you wish to change it you must do so before starting profiling.

NOTE: The delay can be set to zero, which offers theoretically the best resolution, but is generally not recommended because it will cause the profiler to run continuously and consume most of the processor time. Especially don't use a zero resolution against a CPU hungry application because it will just compete with LTProf for processor time, and the resulting statistics will be skewed.

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