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Feb 21, 2018 at 11:11 AM
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LTProf product description

LTProf is a small but powerful CPU profiling tool for Visual C++, Borland CBuilder, Delphi and VB applications. Although small, it has a combination of features difficult to find in even the most expensive tools available today:

  • Line level resolution
    One of the best features of LTProf. Most profilers have a function-level resolution, that is, they can display a list of functions and the time spent in each one. LTProf goes further and displays graphically, on the source file, time spent by each line of code, relative to the function it belongs to. Thus if you have a long algorithm you can see which parts of it are the most time consuming.
  • No instrumentation, no rebuild, no time wasted
    Unlike most profilers on the market LTProf does not require a rebuild or an instrumentation step. The normal build of your application can be profiled at any stage in its development, without any other adjustments.
  • Profiled program runs at its normal speed
    Instrumented programs have additional code inserted in every function to measure the time spent, which greatly reduces the program's speed because some of the instrumented functions are called very often. It is not uncommon that slow programs become completely unusable after instrumentation.
      LTProf does not change your application in any way, which means it can run at its normal speed, making your life a lot easier. The amount of processor time consumed by LTProf itself can be adjusted by setting the sampling resolution.
  • Profile Visual C++, C Builder, Delphi and Visual Basic code
    as well as any application that stores debug information in PDB or TDS files. LTProf is not language-oriented and it can analyze any program as long as it contains debug information in PDB/TDS files. It can do so even in cross-language applications, for example an EXE written in C++ that uses VB components.
  • Price
    Compare the price of other similar applications with LTProf which retails at only EUR 49.95

In addition LTProf also benefits from:

  • A small footprint
    Small installation size and modest system requirements are always an advantage.
  • Flexibility
    Works with Win32 and console applications, services and COM components. Detects dynamically loaded/unloaded modules. Profiles each module regardless of the language they were written in, as long as they have PDB debug information. Works on Windows 98/NT4/2000.
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